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If your golfing mates have seen their handicap improve drastically since July 15, it’s likely that they are one of Revolution Golf’s million members who have been watching Gary Player’s recently released instructional golf media series, Gary Player: A Game For Life. The comprehensive instructional production features the Black Knight on his well-proven approach to lowering handicaps, the same approach that propelled his game to legendary status with 18 Major Championship victories on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour.

“The response from our Revolution Golf subscribers to A Game For Life has been outstanding,” said Justin Tupper, Revolution Golf Co-Founder and CEO. “The series has inspired our members to raise their game with help from one of the greatest golfers in history, and the fact that we sold out of our initial run of the DVD box set well before the release date is a testament to the extraordinary respect Mr. Player has earned among golfers worldwide.”

The three DVD set offers four full hours of specialized instruction from the Black Knight covering all aspects of practice, bunker play, short game, putting, diet, and fitness. In Gary Player: A Game For Life, Player breaks the mold by refusing to focus on ultra-technical micro-analyzed swing instruction that can stump even a tour professional. Instead his focus revolves around the tips and instruction that led to Player’s prolific success as a professional, and more importantly, kept him strong and fit enough to continue enjoying the game at a high level after 60 years of competitive play.

“Our golfers have truly gained from Gary Player’s enthusiastic approach to improving the game of any handicapper,” said Tupper. “There will be plenty more to look out for as we continue to launch exclusive series and high definition video productions featuring the Black Knight.”

The allure of Revolution Golf’s delivery of Gary Player’s first comprehensive instructional series is found in their unique ability to offer subscribers and members exclusive access to streaming HD video content on any device connected to the internet. So while many purists will want the DVD box set, Revolution Golf ensures subscribers can instantly watch Gary Player: A Game For Life and download for repeated viewing while also gaining bonus content subscribers receive via email.

“The Revolution Golf video teaching platform goes well beyond the traditional instructional DVD,” said Marc Player, CEO of Black Knight International. “By partnering with Revolution Golf, we are able to offer content from Gary Player: A Game For Life that is not constrained to a TV screen. Videos and daily tips are easily accessible at the golfer’s fingertips wherever they may be, including the course where they will benefit most.”

For more information on Gary Player: A Game For Life and how to order your copy, visit

In the meantime, you can view free instructional videos here.

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