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Course Re-design Services

Golf, like any business, evolves over time. Golf courses also evolve and are often referred to as “living organisms”. At the very least, cultural and maintenance practices take their toll on golf course conditions, and a facelift is generally necessary every 15 or 20 years to re-establish thriving growing mediums.

On a larger scale, technological advances in golf clubs and balls have required modifications to keep older courses current. Balls are going farther, and also farther off line. Thus, course owners are faced with adding length (as well as widening safety corridors) and addressing overall strategy features such as bunker locations.

Another motive of Gary Player Design is to assist the industry in moving toward more responsible, sustainable design techniques. Water is a precious resource, and responsible designers can scale back maintainable turf, not only for sustainability, but also to reduce operational costs in a difficult economic environment.

Gary Player Design is equipped to help with minor modifications, a major golf course overhaul, improved environmental conditions, or executing a Master Planning exercise over time.