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Environmental & Social Responsibility Position

Gary Player Design takes pride in our environmental record. We have for many years worked hard to minimize site disturbance, promote organic applications, and specify environmentally sensitive building materials in our golf course design approach. We will continue to refine efforts in these areas and stay current on related state of the art industry methods. Our primary focus, however, is on one of earth’s most precious resources – water. Water conservation techniques are not only our fundamental responsibility, but are important to our industry and the global growth of the wonderful game of golf, as real water savings also mean real cost savings.

The Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA) recently published Golf Course Environmental Profile, Water Use and Conservation Practices at U.S. Golf Courses, in which they estimate U.S. golf courses use an average of approximately 136,000 gallons of water/day (of course figures vary greatly from a regional standpoint). Gary Player Design has established a goal of saving 25% of typical regional golf course water usage at all of our global design projects. The following methods are among those we are using to meet this goal:

  • Minimize maintainable turf to reduce water consumption
  • The most efficient, technologically advanced irrigation system
  • Specify water sensor technology to provide data for optimum water usage
  • Focus more on strategy and shot making value than on golf course length
  • An increased use of native grasses and indigenous plant material outside play areas
  • Use site specific salt and drought tolerant grasses thus reducing water consumption and chemical dependency
  • A drainage system that will retain rain water and connect all drainage back to irrigation lakes for reuse
  • Specify soil amendment technology to balance and retain soil nutrient and moisture levels
  • Incorporating design for “hard and fast” playing conditions
  • Use of effluent water when possible
  • Consider artificial turf applications

Our environmental policy at Gary Player Design is part of our larger social responsibility, which we take very seriously. As a company, we will not knowingly accept projects that are environmentally irresponsible, damage ecosystems without remediation, illegally displace people from their homes, follow unethical methods to gain project approvals, exercise unfair, unsafe, or discriminatory labor practices, or generally infringe on basic human rights.