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Grant Proposal Requirements

Specific Guidelines for Grant Requests


Typed in a readable font size (no less than 10 pt.) with one inch margins.
Please be concise and brief.  No longer than five pages.

Proposals to Include:

  • Overview of the organization including mission and purpose.
  • Demographic and geographic areas served.
  • Statement of the problem or issue that your program addresses as well as how does this problem relate to The Player Foundation’s mission and priorities?
  • Detailed description of the project including if it is a new project or an expansion on an existing project.  If building a structure, how many individuals will it hold?  Will the structure serve more than one purpose?
  • Program goals: What are you going to accomplish? Who will benefit? What is the time frame?  Please be specific.
  • Methodology: How are you going to accomplish your goals?
  • Evaluation: How will you measure your program’s accomplishments and effectiveness?
  • Funding:  How will the project be funded in the future?  Is this a one time request or are you seeking an ongoing relationship?
  • Budget:  Provide a detailed budget by line item for the proposed project.
  • Funding the Project:  Where will the grant money be applied specifically?
  • Funding Options:  If the project is multi-faceted, what are the various options and the costs associated with each option (e.g. if building a school what are the individual costs for construction, desks, teaching materials or a child’s tuition respectively.)  In addition are their tiers of sponsorship or funding?


The Player Foundation does not fund:

  • Individuals for scholarships or sponsorships
  • Golf instruction
  • Organizations which fall outside of our Foundation’s mission.