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Gary Player Collection

The Company: Marketing and Sales Strategy

The concept of luxury fabric, design and manufacturing techniques blending with active apparel will be the base for the Gary Player men’s apparel.  The apparel line, Gary Player Collection™, initially will be sold only to a select group of Gary Player designed golf courses around the world.. The company’s prior successful dealings with this group of golf courses will provide a great launching pad for the apparel “team” to establish the business. The target consists of 32 locations representing 40 courses. In addition the company has good relations with many more sites.

The four Gary Player world events will use products designed and marketed by this division as a method of introducing the venture.

Next there are two related opportunities. First with the corporate event outings and second the promotional efforts put forth by the developing Gary Player golf courses in their effort to either sell memberships or real estate.

Lastly is the establishment of an e-commerce presence.  Direct retail ownership is a longer term goal.

Products and Services

Men’s clothing classifications of knit shirts, sport woven shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, blazers, outerwear and accessories such as small leather goods and socks. An element of special ordering will be available in certain classifications. The collection will be directed to men who appreciate high quality updated classic stylish clothing, live an active life style and want the finest.


Luxury natural animal fibers of cashmere, wool and technical blends are the most important along with pure cotton. These fibers have very important properties for our wellbeing and comfort. The animal fibers are especially so as they act as thermal insulation, absorb humidity (perspiration) while being water repellent. In addition, they can act as a fire retardant. They truly are the best technical raw materials than one can utilize.