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Welcome to the World of Gary Player

  • Gary Player

    Gary Player - The Legend

    Gary Player is a legend in his own time. The most successful international golfer of all time, Player has achieved…
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  • Lavendar Hills

    Gary Player - The Golfer

    The winner of 165 tournaments world-wide, over five decades, Player is regarded as one of the greatest players…
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  • The ACE Club

    The Majors

    The Major Championships, often referred to simply as The Majors, are the four most prestigious annual tournaments…
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Gary Player Golf Course Design and Architecture

Company Profile

Our History and Design Philosophy

Since the early 80’s, Gary Player Design has been a global leader in golf course design, marketing and real estate planning...Learn More »

Technical Services

Technical Services

Gary Player Design recognizes that designing and building a golf course is an art and that much of the “look and feel” of a...Learn More »

Environmental and Green Development

Environmental and Green Development

Gary Player Design takes pride in our environmental record. We have for many years worked hard to minimize site...Learn More »

Design Consulting

Design Project Consulting

Gary Player Design is one of the most seasoned international golf course design firms, with experience in all corners...Learn More »